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i definately agree...rather than playing with your drugs yourself, talk to your doctor. also, maybe you want to consider a different medication? i know there is a lot going on with strattera right now, but that has the ability to put you at a constant state of focus/attention, etc...unlike how adderall only works while it's in your system. also, i think maybe you're relying too much on your drugs. my dad always tells me "they're not magic pills meg, they just turn your brain on so you can study and work hard like everyone else". i've gone through, and am still going through so much counseling (through the college i attend, and most colleges have disability centers to help you with things like this) that teaches me how to study, take notes (check out the Cornell Method, i love it...), read, and organize myself, even when im not on my meds. i also have problems with the eating and sleeping thing...sleeping is more of a problem for me because i've had sleep problems all my life. as for eating, it sounds childish, but works for me: i put myself on a schedule...after a certain class, i have to eat something. and my roommates/parents/friends are good about reminding me to eat. it helps me knowing that i have to eat at a certain time of day, that way it's part of my schedule and i try to eat something whether i'm hungry or not. hope some of this helps :)

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