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My sons Phsyciatrist has just put him Celexa because of his ocd tendencies ..he is currently on Adderall 20 mgs for adhd...I find that he had become very anti social..but this was before starting the celexa ...could the dose of adderall be to high? we have tried Mededate...he actually regressed ...very emotional on that and also Strattera with no help. I am hoping the celexa will even things out...I feel helpless and I hate seeing my child who used to every day after school strip down to his underwear and put a tail on and then is cape and gloves and play make believe, he was so funny, now all he wants to do is draw or watch TV and play the Xbox and for the most part he wants to do it all alone...something totally new...his school work has not improved at all....please help I don't know if this is hurting him or if the dose is to high, he started on 5 mgs then 10 ect. what to do? I just want my littel boy back!!!!!! :confused:

Thank you so much for reading this :)
Jakeys Mom

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