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Hello, I've been diagnosised with adhd approx 1 year ago by a Phychologist. This is something I've struggled with all my life which I'm sure many of you understand. My doctor who is treating my medication part for Adhd is a MD. He put me on strattera which helps some but he had to keep increasing the strengh because it wasn't quite doing the job. I'm on a 100mg of strattera the strongest dose, my daughter is on 40mg, quite a difference. Recently he prescribed Cymbalta for me which is a antidressant. I was wandering if any of you have been on these 2 meds together? And was your outcome? I appreciate any advice!
Hope you're still checking your HealthBoard posts! I'm really interested to learn about your experience on Cymbalta and Strattera. I'm now on Cymbalta and may start on Straterra next week. Used to take Dextrostat (for the ADD) with no concommitant anti-depressant. Please let me know about your experience. Thanks!

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