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[QUOTE=bulldog2900] to the boards.

32 years old. Diagnosed with ADHD. Tried Strattera and stopped after two weeks. Made me very angry, nervous, sexual side effects, and no improvement of my symptoms.

I've seen some natural herbal remedies that claim to help ADHD naturally, but often these are rip-offs.

Anyone have any good results from these types of products? Any help would be very appreciated.

God Bless! :)[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure about any herbal claims; however, fish oil (not an herb) is known to increase brain function not to mention great for cardiovascular. You can take supplements or eat salmon which is very high in Omegas.

My son noticed caffiene in moderation helps him concentrate on work, I'm talking a cola's worth, not 12 cups of coffee or anything!

He's doing great even though he definately has the ADD tendencies and he doesn't take meds or never did. Sure, he's what you call a slow-starter, didn't decide to go to college intil age 25 and had a million ideas on what he wanted to do, but he finally settled on one thing that motivated him enough to concentrate and work hard. While in grade school/high school, he had some motivations like passing grades was required to participate in school sports and drama, both which he loved so he at least passed high school...not with flying colors though.

So now he's studying computer programming, and he's already so good at his fairly new programming job that he's getting another raise which makes him the top paid person in the dept. except his boss! He hasn't got a degree yet but he's working on that too.

I just wanted to say there is hope without medication, sometimes the road is less well paved but you can get to where your'e going.

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