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Hi Blue,
I also stumble over words when I get really anxious. I have social anxiety disorder(have since i was a kid....VERY VERY SHY)and ADD. They are somehow related or something. ialso used to have speech problems like a lisp when i was little. I've also had bad ears my whole life. I can hear but not as good as many people. i have to ask people to repeat what they said a lot. This could be related to the disorders as well.
And, I have the inattentive ADD as well. It sounds like we have a few things in common. I think you should go to the doctor though because I did and Igot diagnosed for ADD. So now I am on concerta which makes me feel more stable(less mood swings) and more confident. I still am anxious but I also got anxiety medicine called Busporine. I will be taking it in a couple days because the doctor told me to wait until then. Hopefully that will help my anxiety a lot. Anyway, but I've struggled with what your going through for so many years and for the longest period of time I thought I was the only one like that and wondered what was wrong with myself, like why i couldn't talk normally like the other people. Now, since I've been working as a hostess, It has made me much more comfortable around people. Don't get me wrong, I still am socially anxious and have a high anxiety personality, but working and interacting with people more has made it a lot easier. When I"m comfortable with someone now I usually can talk normally although Istill stumble here and there. But the main thing is to be confident in yourself and also go to the doctor and get medication. it will help a lot! Concerta....though it is working for me so far, i dont know how it will work for anybody else because the doctor said different medicines work well for different people but i do recommend you try it! I totally feel better! and you will too!

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