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[QUOTE=tomminny]My 6 year old son was diagnosed with adhd. His mother and I were divorced when he was 4 and she was remarried a year later. Her new husband is very strict to the point where the kids are not allowed to play with toys outside their bedrooms. My son was chewing with his mouth open and was banned from their basement playroom for a month...
We went to a counselor for awhile where my ex kept pushing how bad my son was at home and in school. I did not see the behaviors she talked about when he was at my house (once or twice during the week and over the weekends). I lost the battle with the counselor and they put my son on strattara at age 5. He was on that for a little over a year. I did not like the effect the strattara had on him....I think it made him more aggressive and his emotions seemed very on edge. The doctor did not like the way my son was not gaining weight so they switched him to concerta in January. I am much happier with the concerta because I can choose not to give it to him as it does not have to be kept at a level in his blood like the Strattara was.
I went to the doctors with my ex. yesterday to ask some questions. The first thing as we sat there in the office is the doctor said he could tell right away that the dosage was working because my son looked like he was behaving well. I said "He has been staying with me for three days so had not had the meds during that time". The doctory was taken back by that but said nothing. I told the doctor that I did not have the problems with my son that my ex seems to have at her house. He said "The reason for that is that your son holds it together at your house and when he gets home, he lets it all out." I am baffled by that statement. I have had my son for almost a week now with no meds and he seems to be doing great. We are on break from school so he has not had schoolwork so I cannot gauge his school behavior without the meds.
Could anyone comment on this turning adhd on and off? Is this possible if it is true adhd?
Thank you for your time.


We are having a VERY similar problem with my step son. My DH had custody of the kids for 3 yrs(he's military)but when he had to move to a different state-a joke of an emergency custody hearing turned custody over to the mother since she would be staying put. Anyway the mother has now had custody for about 5 months and suddenly SS has all kinds of issues/problems that we do NOT see when he's here. He started a psychologist and a psychaitrist-was put on Stratarra on his FIRST visit there with no testing done. Testing was done afterwards and they have changed their minds from an ADHD dx to now a bi-polar dx!! Oh yeah Tourette's syndrom was also mentioned because he developed tics as a side effect from the straterra. These people seem to be listening to MOm only and not us at all and all mom wants is a magic pill to make SS act right. She nor the Drs. will even consider the fact that the poor kid is just upset over his daddy moving far away and going from living with dad and myself(step mom) to living with mom. Its very frustrating. Oh and she used to be the type that did not believe in meds like that but has changed her tune since she got married and her husband does not want to deal with any problems.

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