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I've been on it for 4 days. Two at 5 mg., two at 10 mg. It sounds as though you keep upping the dose until it works. And it sounds like you know when it works. So maybe your dose isn't high enough. I'd think you'd want to try upping it before switching it just to be sure -- but obviously your doctor knows best.

For me so far I feel less irritible -- and a little more confident about getting my tasks done at work. It's been good. But I'm still just as forgetful, and I'm still fidgety when resting. I had posted earlier to see what experiences other folks had. I imagine my doctor will have me try 15mg & 20mg in the next week. It will be interesting to see hwo that works.

From these boards, it seems most people are on around 30 - 40 mg.

Good luck with it. My doctor told me that for her patients, she's seen the highest success rate with Adderall (which is why she tried that first with me).

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