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Hi I am new to these boards - I have a 13 yr old son on Concerta for the past couple years - he was previously on ritalin and then adderall. We switched because of less loss of appetite.
I am wondering what if any tests/monitoring our doctor should be doing for his long term health. (liver function tests, etc?) I will be takign him in for a check on monday morning, but would like to know if there are tests she should be doing (normally jsut does a basic check up - height weight, etc)
My immediate concern is that I jsut took him to another doctor for a sinus infection and discovered he only weighs 92 lbs (he is approx 5'3") last june '04 he weighed 94 lbs and jsut about 2 months ago he weighed 100 :eek: Im sure we will have to think about changing his meds again, but I just wnat to be informed if there are other tests we should be doing to monitor his overall health....... thanks for your help!

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