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[QUOTE=index.html]He currently has no interest whatsoever in any of those. He played the trombone for a couple of years and has done extra-curricular art. He's too self-conscious to enjoy drama. Hmmm, long as he was doing the filming and not the acting. Wonder where I could find something like that.

Jennita, please go back and reread my first post in this thread. If there's another path that I've missed, I'd truly like to know.

I believe wholeheartedly that ADHD is a BIOLOGICAL disorder (as well as a personality variance). I DON'T believe that medication is the only answer. Medicating my son was a last resort. He was 13 before we started ADD medication. I wouldn't go so far as to say that things are "going well" for him. Socially, meds have helped some. He doesn't act quite as "weird" as he did before. Academically, he's struggling. He's in danger of flunking out of international school. I've spent the weekend crying my heart out, partially from teacher conferences and partially from another problem.

His heart rate is somewhat elevated. Both the shrink and the pediatrician aren't concerned, but with all the recent news, I am (he's not on Adderall, but IS taking a long-acting stimulant along with Strattera). So, AMA, I'm going to wean his dosage slowly, hoping that I can find a point where he still derives some benefit but with a more normal heart rate. In doing that, things may deteriorate further academically and socially, but what else can I do????

My son is an extreme case. At the age of 14, without medication, he cannot pay attention long enough to follow sequential directions like "Put away your book, get out your workbook and turn to page 20" or "Take your school shoes to your room, get your tennis shoes and get in the car. We're going to a movie." He can't do it.

That's why it's a bit of a reach for me to accept that he's simply a visual-spatial learner or that he's just the creative type. His problems are more far reaching than that.

Despite my arguments FOR the medical model, I AM open to other suggestions.[/QUOTE]

I meant another path if someday the drugs don't work or cause health problems. Well, it sounds like you are definately putting his health first here with the reduction of the meds. Who knows, could be less meds may work anyway without effecting his heart, lets hope.

The sad part of all of this is, even when drugs work, most times tolerance develops to the effects of the drugs, so even higher doses may some day not work, and with higher doses comes much higher risks. Adding another med is also a course, apparentely your doctor took this course, but again tolerance can develop and also more drugs=more complications/risks.

I feel bad for you that your son is having such a severe problem with learning. This world is so competitive and kids do need to keep up or be left out, I wish I could solve this problem for you, I know you must suffer watching him struggle.

I wish I knew more...I know alot about drugs and their effects/problems.. however, I don't know much about what else really, really works for these kids, the "alternative" plans. I've heard some people say that nutrition and supplements(like fish oil and B-vitamins) do the trick; others swear by other means of nephew has had some occassional tutoring and sports they say helped him.

But I know some of these things won't work for some kids.

I hope the information that pakemuumama has given you may help your son, it sounds like she knows alot more about the alternatives than I do.

Sorry for all the fuss, I am sometimes too passionate about the dangers of the drugs they give to what seems like way too many kids and adults alike.

But in my passion it looks like I forgot that I'm dealing with a mother here who is completely torn up by her son's pain and is willing to do anything that will help him... for that I have overlooked I am truly sorry and hope you will not feel ill towards me and my comments.

I wish you the best in solving this problem and at the same time protecting his health and well being. :angel:

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