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[QUOTE=Blue102]Hey Jessicca, before you go thinking you're stupid, try the meds!! I've read some of your posts, and I don't think you have a low IQ. I know that ADD can sure make you feel stupid sometimes though.

I feel like people think I'm a ditz. But I know for a fact I'm not! So chill, girlie. :)

PS. Keep me updated on how the Ritalin is working for you. I just started Adderall today, and I feel incredible already!!![/QUOTE]
Hey Blue,
I also read some of your posts, your the one that posted about Sardines in the Diet and nutrition board right? Well, it's just that I try SOOOO hard in school and it doesn't seem to work. I read in your other post that you have 2 degrees, and I was wondering how the heck you survived that with ADD, unless you have another type. Mine is concentration, and memory. Plus, I'm constantly misplacing things, and I was always considered an underachiever even though I TRIED, unfortuanately, nobody believed me. I hope that it is add because I want to be a nurse SO bad. I take a very deep interest in the health area and feel that my grades would hurt me unless I got help. I've been reading alot about add and I also took a test online and the results indicated that I had SEVERE add and I should consult my physician. Plus, last Saturday at clinical practice for school, one of the students in my group said "you have add like me, you just blurt out whatever is on your mind and you can't follow dierections!" :eek: My clinical teacher gets very frustrated with me and she said "Melanie, you are the only one in the group that I'm most concerned about." I said "why?" And she said because of the questions I have and how hard it is for me to follow directions. My self esteem went down the ROOF! So, I've been contiplating this for a while, ya know getting help with add. I've canceled 2 appointments cause I thought "no, I don't have ADD!!!" Well, I took an important mid term exam and I completely went blank and I now I failed it. :( I wish I could tell you the questions that the test displayed but I'll get back to you on it cause I can't remember right now. Anyways, I went to the doctor today and I started CRYING, telling him that I think I have add and I think it's ruining my life! He told me I should have been on meds a long time ago and asked me how did I manage. Well, I never really made it through college, I've been in and out due to this problem I guess, and now I'm 29 years old without a degree in ANYTHING!!'s about time I get help. Anyways, he prescribed me with ritalin 10mg 3x a day. I took one dose so far and I feel kinda edgy but I'm reallly relieved to know that this may help. Do you think it's add or just a low Iq? What are your symptoms?

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