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Re: What do i do?
Mar 10, 2005
[QUOTE=wanttochange]I'm ADD and have high blood pressure and on a med for it. I've have tried add medicatio but it makes my bp go up (including stratteria). I'm in my late 20's and havent finished school. I take classes but am just throwing money out because I do poorly in them. I can't sit down to read, do the papers, and I'm late for class (I'm late for everything). I sit up all nigh thinking i'll do my reading or homework only it donesn't ever happen. I'm not depressed but I've been in this rut for several years now...going to college without making progress. I'm stuck.[/QUOTE]
If it makes you feel any better I'm almost in the SAME boat as you! Although I AM trying and I'm still BARELY passing. I'm 29 y/o and was actually diagnosed with ADD a little over a year ago...I was prescribed meds and took them for a month and quit cause my little ego wouldn't let me. I would say to myself, "NO, I don't have ADD!" and went through schooling this last year and here's the story....Right now I'm in Nursing 101 and it requires SOOOOO much organization and memorization that I'm BARELY passing. I took 2 classes each sememster to get the other classes out of the way like all the biologies,chemistry, english, math, bla bla bla, and it took me 2 years to do that, slowly. I guess ANYONE that has a brain would do well taking it THAT slow without working and having alot of time right? I'm beginning to think that school isn't for me, but how the heck am I supposed to survive with a 2y/o daughter if something were to happen to my husband and I? I can't rely on HIM soley? And I also can't support us being a waitress(used to do that for 8 years). Well, I could probably get by waitressing by the skin of my teeth, but who wants that. I want to be a nurse, darn it! :D :( Well now that I'm in this class, I want to cry everyday and I can't remember anything. I just got my 2nd exam back and I got a 62%! and I was SOOO upset. I didn't mention how I frequently misplace items, daydream, have a bad memory, etc etc. Well, I was just recently put on Ritalin, and I'm kinda embarassed about it. I was real embarassed about my grade and felt the "need" to tell my instructor that I have a problem so she didn't think I was so called "lazy".lol Well, it took every cell in my body to get the nerve to tell her but I did. Did I feel stupid? Yes. I'm not sure if I even have ADD, maybe I'm just forgetful. Although a therapist was totally sure. So your problem is procrastination? Are you on Straterra? Maybe you need to switch meds? Procrastination can be a problem with me, but the PROBLEM is with that test, is I DIDN'T procrastinate! :( I figured you may wanted to hear my story too, I hope. :) I don't really know what to say about perhaps helping with your motivation except just getting up and DO it ya know. I 've been in and out of college since I turned 20y/o, and before this attempt, I used to do the same thing now that I think about it, I used to procrastinate till the LAST minute and I would be up all night the night before drinking a pot of coffee and pulling a C the next day. Why can't I do that now? Maybe it was the coffee, LOL, that stimulated my brain. Cause before ritalin, I drank a lot of green tea(still do) and that actually calmed me bacause it has theanine in it which is an amino acid that tends to relax you. Maybe I was TOO relaxed, ya know, maybe it was the green tea, LOL. I dunno. :D I'm not the hyperactive add, although I do get antsy at times but who doesn't. I want to finish school too and it's so hard! :rolleyes: Talk to ya later! :)

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