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Re: Is this ADHD
Mar 12, 2005
It sounds to me like you could have ADD. You need to go see a doctor and tell them all this! they will obviously be able to help more than me but I daydream a lot too, or did. I did more before taking Concerta. It's the best medication right now I think although I might have to increase the doseage just a little. Yeah I know what you mean about the people talking to you and drifting off thing. It happens to me a lot! so embarrassing! sometimes my fiance even is talking to me and i space out. I don't mean to! i love him and want to hear what he has to say but it happens especiallywhen my medication wears out for the day or before i started taking it it was real bad. I know what you mean about the drinking! trust me! alcoholism runs in my family too! my parents dont but my relatives have in the past. It is so hard not to turn to drinking though. I always feel better when I do but am trying only to drink like once a week now. although it would be easy to do it every day. I just have to have self control. Personally, I think you should use Concerta or any other medication like straterra or adderall although i dont know much about those. But try using Concerta. The effects last up to 12 hours from one doseage you take in the morning! it's awesome! Anyway good luck with this! hope you get it all sorted out! I'd definitely see a doctor soon though!! And...ask about concerta :) It just may be the right medicine for you.

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