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Hi all, I'm a 35 yr. recently diagnosed but as of yet untreated with ADD. I have had gastric bypass and I cannot take time release meds they do not work for me.
I tried Strattera when first dx but I had a severe reaction to it my Blood pressure would bottom out I tried it several times over the course of 3 months I was/am so desperate for some relief that I had to keep trying. It never got any better.
The next course was Ritalin and I had absolutely no reaction what so ever it did nothing for me.
I'm seeing a therapist right now and we are working on coping skills but I can't of course focus to learn/retain them without meds, she cannot write scripts and the *** of a Psychologist she works under doesn't script for adults with ADD unless it profoundly affects their work and since I'm "only" a hair dresser it doesn't effect me.
SO I'm on the hunt for a different doc. I am going back to my former pcp because she knows me and will listen to me we are going to try and get this taken care of. my personal life is a shambles you all know the drill total chaos.
My biggest issue is I cannot take time release so I'm not sure what is out there that will work for me. I have heard Adderral works well with bypassers but I'm hearing such controversy on it's effects health wise that I'm worried. I did not go through the life changes I did to get healthy to make it worse again because of meds.
I'm also on Wellbutrin SR (yes I know time release current pcp is also dummber than a box of rocks) I take 150 mg 2x daily while it helps it is def. not at it's max potential and I can tell.
I started out on Paxil and did wonderful until my surgery and then it changed and my sex drive was effected big time so we switched to wellbutrin and it worked for awhile I had my sex drive back but I was def. not getting the results/relief that I got from my paxil. So that is when she put me on the Wellbutrin SR.
I do have mild anxiety along with the depression so I'm really looking for some info on some "cocktails" to put out before my doc.
Any suggestions would be helpful ASAP I'm drowning here.

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