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hey grass,
I'm a 22 year old college student and what you have sounds EXACTLY like what i have! I never thought I had ADD either and always associated it with the hyperactive behavior. Anyway, I'm also calm and laidback. I totally know what you mean about reading!!! I can't read either without getting distracted and thinking of other things. It is very very hard for me to read schoolwork and stuff especially. I have found that I can barely do that. we have lots in common! I also am really struggling in college right now because I am having a very difficult time sitting down and studying although concerta was helping but I think now I need a higher doseage. I did get diagnosed with inattentive ADD a few weeks ago and it sounds to me like you have the exact same thing! I would go see a doctor if I were you and see if you can start taking medication like concerta or something. I have had no bad side effects with it. It doesnt change your personality or anything so you should give that one a try first and if it doesnt work for you, there are plenty of other medications out there that you can try. I hope you find the right one for you!! :) Anyway, I'm the same way with the phone too. This is so weird! you are like describing me totally! On the phone if my fiance tells me to tell my mom something I get totally stressed and freaked out because i can not concentrate on both people talking to me. I give him the "just a minute" signal. lol. Yes!! me too about the conversations. You sound more like me than anybody on here lol. Sometimes people will be talking to me and I WANT to listen, I really do! but if the subject is boring I drift off into my own world whether it be nothingness or thinking about something else and then I feel bad because i have to ask the person to repeat what they just said. I'm focusing better now with concerta but am not perfect. I was doing better when i first started. That is why I really believe I need a higher doseage of concerta.(on 36mg now). I also can sit down and read things easily on the internet usually or something I really find interesting like romance books although even with my romance books I skip boring parts too and skim over until I get to good conversations again. its ridiculous. Anyway, I find that I am totally random in conversations. are you the same way? I'll be talking about something and then something else pops into my head and i blurt it out so i dont forget it later or i will. I forget things faster than anybody! lol. Anyway, you are very very likely to have inattentive ADD. I hope you find a good doctor and when diagnosed, are able to get some great medication! let me know what you get and how everything goes! I'll be interested in hearing what happens! :) good luck!
Same here, guys, and I've been diagnosed with ADHD for several years now. I have the combined form, though the hyperactivity part is generally low...a lot of times it comes out as tapping my fingers on things, or bouncing my legs when I'm sitting. I also have trouble staying focused on reading, unless it's something that I'm really into, and with 2 people talking during phone conversations. The worst is when both of my children run in and start talking (usually complaining) about something at the same time...I have to make them stop and say stuff one at a time, because I just cannot grab it if they're both going.

Ambitious talked about doing better under stress, and that's me, too. When I was in school (been a few years, lol), if I studied for a test then I wouldn't do too well. But, if I opened my books about 10 minutes before test time and really crammed, then I'd ace it. I think maybe it's got something to do with the adrenaline. Let's face it, Ritalin & the like are basically 'uppers'...they speed you up, which at the same time makes you feel like you're slowing down and focusing more. Adrenalin also speeds you up, so it does the same type of thing.

I am not currently taking any meds, though I was on Ritalin for a good while. It worked, but I kept forgetting to take them, LOL. Another factor was my doctor. My GP didn't want to make the diagnosis so he sent me to a psychiatrist for the diagnosis and prescriptions. The psych doc would charge $250 for a one hour office visit each month, and I was only in his office maybe 5-10 minutes. He would ask me how the meds were working, was I having any side effects, and then write me a prescription and send me on my merry way. This was when he wasn't answering his cell phone (just doesn't seem right for a doc to answer his cell when in with a patient) and talking to the guy who was building his new house. Anyway, I got fed up and stopped going, and have just been making it on my own ever since. I do struggle with it, some days more than others. But I'm getting by. I do think that if I had a job (I'm a stay at home mom) I'd definately need it, though.

On a side note, I have it, and so do both of my children. My oldest has the inattentive form really bad, though he got a double-whammy because he was also not breathing at birth (took them over 2 minutes to get him started) and that can also cause ADD, too. My youngest has the hyperactive type mildly. But there are some hereditary issues, so if you guys already have children keep an eye on them for the symptoms. If you don't have children yet, then keep an eye out when you do.

I needed to reply to your message because this sounds exactly like what my son does.I know he has ADD since he was diagnosed with this since he was little. Now he is almost 19 years old. I want to find poeple that he could respond with who understand what he is going through.He now has a step family that just does not understand some of the things he does.It is causing many problems. What you have in your message I could not believe how much it sounds like my son. The reading, the cars,not listening if he is not interested, peolpe think he is so rude. My son will have outburst of saying what comes to his head before thinking about weather or not it makes sence or it will hurt someones feelings. I want to understand it more myself. Because we are constantly talking to him about things he does he needs to change, things he needs to do. I know if has to many things told to him at one time he gets them messed up, or too many people talking to him at one time it gets him so frustrated. I do not know how to get him through a technical school or a job because of his ADD. He needs people he can relate to.

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