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hey grass,
I'm a 22 year old college student and what you have sounds EXACTLY like what i have! I never thought I had ADD either and always associated it with the hyperactive behavior. Anyway, I'm also calm and laidback. I totally know what you mean about reading!!! I can't read either without getting distracted and thinking of other things. It is very very hard for me to read schoolwork and stuff especially. I have found that I can barely do that. we have lots in common! I also am really struggling in college right now because I am having a very difficult time sitting down and studying although concerta was helping but I think now I need a higher doseage. I did get diagnosed with inattentive ADD a few weeks ago and it sounds to me like you have the exact same thing! I would go see a doctor if I were you and see if you can start taking medication like concerta or something. I have had no bad side effects with it. It doesnt change your personality or anything so you should give that one a try first and if it doesnt work for you, there are plenty of other medications out there that you can try. I hope you find the right one for you!! :) Anyway, I'm the same way with the phone too. This is so weird! you are like describing me totally! On the phone if my fiance tells me to tell my mom something I get totally stressed and freaked out because i can not concentrate on both people talking to me. I give him the "just a minute" signal. lol. Yes!! me too about the conversations. You sound more like me than anybody on here lol. Sometimes people will be talking to me and I WANT to listen, I really do! but if the subject is boring I drift off into my own world whether it be nothingness or thinking about something else and then I feel bad because i have to ask the person to repeat what they just said. I'm focusing better now with concerta but am not perfect. I was doing better when i first started. That is why I really believe I need a higher doseage of concerta.(on 36mg now). I also can sit down and read things easily on the internet usually or something I really find interesting like romance books although even with my romance books I skip boring parts too and skim over until I get to good conversations again. its ridiculous. Anyway, I find that I am totally random in conversations. are you the same way? I'll be talking about something and then something else pops into my head and i blurt it out so i dont forget it later or i will. I forget things faster than anybody! lol. Anyway, you are very very likely to have inattentive ADD. I hope you find a good doctor and when diagnosed, are able to get some great medication! let me know what you get and how everything goes! I'll be interested in hearing what happens! :) good luck!

I am the same way! everything you said I agree with! It all sounds like ME! I'm a college student and just got put on Concerta a couple months ago. It is helping me lots but when i come down from it I get really stupid and inattentive again. I still struggle with the medication when someone is talking to me about something totally BORING. I try to be interested but I just space out or day dream and have no idea what they are saying but nod or agree at the right times. I'm soo glad I'm not the only one who does this! I've always done it! always wondered why. Never thought I had ADHD until several months ago when i researched it and then got diagnosed! I was always quiet and inattentive with some impulsivity. Because I was quiet however, I got overlooked. People always think of ADHD as the hyperactive one only. I had the worst concentration ever without concerta. I really think you should go to a doctor because it sounds like you really have ADHD. Concerta is great! i think you should try that before you try anything else. Of course, if it doesn't work for you then there are a lot of other options out there for medications. I have struggled and struggled with school too and reading the same line over and over and it not making sense. It is the most frustrating thing in the world. I'd gotten to the point where I'd just not do the reading and put it out of my mind because I gave up after trying and trying and trying. But don't give up! I still struggle with reading boring things but think maybe I'm getting a little better I hope! lol I'm random too! I always think about one thing and then another and day dream a lot. I always wondered why I couldnt stay focused on one thing when I was thinking. It always shifted after like 2 minutes or something. I'm also random with talking. When i talk, I tend to say whatever pops into my head whenever. I interrupt accidentally too. i get impatient to wait to talk for fear that I'll lose what I was going to say because that ALWAYS happens to me. I'll have something I want to say and then let the other person talk and forget what it was and sometimes i eventually remember and sometimes I dont. it is horrible! Anyway, sounds like we have a lot in common! write back if you want :)
Hi bskt!!
I think we sound the same too!! I feel the same way. I thought I was like the only one for the longest time who was this way. I never knew why I was the way I was. Now I do and it's a relief. I love these boards! they help so much! It just makes me see how many other people there are out there like us!! I think you should straight out tell your mom you need to see a doctor because you are thinking there is a possibility that you have ADHD. Tell her and see what she says! She should understand shouldn't she? That's horrible about your mom. I'm so sorry. How old are you? When did you start thinking you had ADHD? I'm 22 and just now figured it out in college and am on meds now thank goodness. Is your sister older or younger? i hope she at least helps you out if your mom doesnt. Although, why your mom wouldnt want to help you by letting you see a doctor is beyond me. Your mom should be wanting for you to go in too and to see what is going on. It's your health! if you have this disorder you need to be diagnosed and to start meds. They WILL help you greatly! :). I think you should sit down and have a long talk with your mom and make her listen. That was the way I was too. I couldnt do anything like homework or anything not fun to me for long at all. I'm inattentive and a little impulsive. No hyperactive though! I may have said this before oops lol. Oh well! See, I don't even remember what I wrote before. I hate that! Anyway, thats cool your a good student. I'm quiet in class does that mean I"m good? lol. j/k. I have been focusing better since starting concerta but it is still tough sometimes. you have to force yourself to concentrate. My study habits do too. wait what study habits? i dont have any never mind lol j/k. Ive been trying to get more things done now but before? i didnt bother with a lot of things. Was doing poorly in class. Anyway, i hope your able to go see the doctor! let me know what happens! write back whenever!

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