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My shrink prescribed Ritalin. I take 2 / 20mg sustained release in the AM and 1 / 10mg late afternoon. That combination effectively controls my ADD but I don't like it. It's like driving a car at 100 mph until it runs out of gas. I am more interested in what my psychologist has to say. He is teaching me the tricks of the ADHD trade. Things like writing everything down in a notebook. Relaxation techniques to subdue my unrelenting restlessness and others. Some of the things we are going over I figured out myself. After all, I did manage for 50 years without drugs except the late 60's early 70's when many my age tried "better living through chemistry." That little experiment of mine exposed me to the hepatitis C virus. Last year I went through interferon therapy which blew my learned ADD coping skills out of the water. I'm hoping that in time the pyschologist can beef up my coping skills enough so I can manage without drugs. However, I am mentally prepared to take drugs if that is what it takes. I firmly believe we have a hardware problem. There maybe some software only workarounds for some but not everyone. Today is a drug free day for me. It's fun being ADHD. If we can get the other 96% of humanity to do things our way, the world would be a better place. They're the ones that are really nuts.


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