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Yes, it's VERY hard to get unbiased information on psychotropic medication! You'll find that to be true here, too. Some people think that stimulants are a Godsend and are completely safe; others think that medicating children is criminal (or close to it). Personally, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. No medication is without risk. You have to weigh the cost and the benefits.

Last year, we finally started my 14yo on Strattera and Metadate (like Concerta - a longacting methylphenidate). He's a severe case, though. The medications have been useful in calming down his hyperactivity enough that the other kids no longer ostracise him so much. He no longer talks about being "weird" and that "it might be better to just die". He still struggles in school, though. We are having a bit of a problem with his heart rate being elevated which scares me (although his doctors don't seem concerned).

Truthfully, if my son was a "fairly mild case", I probably wouldn't start medication. But, that is STRICTLY my .02 cents worth!
Well, I would say, it all depends what your son's problems are, how bad these problems are and whether and how much HE is suffering.
I know people with severe ADHD who are getting along reasonably well and others with a mild ADD or ADHD who have severe problems.

Not the severity of the disorder itself but the severity of the problems arising or having arisen from it is the crucial factor, in my opinion. And - trying to assess this - put yourself into HIS shoes in the first instance, and only then look at it from your point of view.

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