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Hello all!!! I am a new member on this board, I have found a lot of information on here. I have not insurance and have my children on State Medicaid to cover their medical expenses. Both of my children have been on Focalin for almost a year and it worked wonderfully, recently the state decided to no longer cover this medication and I was forced to find other medications for thir ADHD. I had them both try Metadate CD at different doses and that was horrible. It made them worse then if they were not on any meds. After putting them on other meds which did not work at all I decided to pay out of pocket about $400.00 a month for their meds which I could not really afford. I found out that if the doctor would write a letter requesting approval for this medication that it would most likely be approved since they have tried everything else out there for ADHD. My children go to different doctors and my daughter's doctor had no problem writing this letter and I am awaiting approval for her. However, my son's doctor said she wanted to try my son on Adderall XR 10mg and Prozac 10mg in the morning. She said that the Prozac enhances the Adderall and it would almost be like he is taking 20mg. I am a bit leary on doing this. I am at a loss, I can't afford the Focalin. I am also concerned on giving him this combination of meds. She explained that a lot of patients are taking both because they metabolize so fast that the Adderall XR does not stay in the system long and thast the Prozac will help slow the metabolizing down. Has anyone ever had this combination of meds? If so what have been the pros and cons of it. After hearing about the issues in Canada about Adderall XR and the children that were dying that also scares me. I have had the meds filled for a couple days now, but have not given him them since during Easter break he is home by himself for a good portion of the day. I want to be able to monitor him. I am thinking about starting him on it Saturday, but would like to get some feedback. Also, does anyone have any suggestion on any programs that I could get the Focalin for free or at a lower cost. I would rather him stay on the Focalin since he was doing so well on it.
Thank you for all your help in advance!


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