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Our doctors said that it couldn't accurately be diagnosed until they hit 6 or 7 years old, so I wouldn't be thinking about it too much at three years old, either. She may just be a totally inquisitive child who lacks discipline. But I'm not there, and I'm not a doctor, so I can't say for sure.

As for the anger issue, we haven't had that too badly with our 12 year more than with ANY 12 year old boy, anyway. What we DID experience with the Adderall was a horrible reaction with the changing hormones of puberty. Bryson was on Adderall for a couple of years and it worked excellently for him. Once puberty started, though, he began having big problems. He was NEVER hungry. I don't mean he ate very little, I mean we had to force him to eat anything at all. He said that eating made him sick to his stomach, and he always felt really full (bloated). He couldn't sleep. At all some days. We tried Benadryl right before bedtime at his doctor's suggestion, and it didn't help at all. He became cranky and irritable because he wasn't sleeping, and caught every bug that came along because lack of proper food and sleep caused problems with his immune system. His immune system was already less than great because he was born with birth defects and has had 26 operations in 12 years, and they have taken their toll on it. Anyway, we just tried to deal with it until he reached the point where he did not eat or sleep at all for 3 days no matter what we did. His doctor said that, in his opinion, our son's hormone fluctuations, caused by puberty, were reacting badly with the Adderall. We took him off of it, gave him a little time to get it fully out of his system, and put him on Ritalin LA. He can now function at school (perhaps not quite as great as originally with the Aderall, but still pretty darn good) and can eat and sleep just fine.

So many of you posted that your kids are at the ages to be entering, or in the middle of, puberty, and they are having problems with the Adderall. I wonder how much of it is a clash between the hormones & the Adderall? In a way I hope that's it, because they'll outgrow puberty before too awefully long...

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