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I Was Just Recently Prescribed Ritalin For Combined Adhd/innattentive Add. I Was Taking 10mg 3x A Day For A Month And Was Initially Supposed To Take 36mg Of Concerta Until I Had Problems With My Insurance. Before I Go Into That Story, I Was Just Prescribed 30mg Of Adderall Xr 3 Days Ago. All I Can Say Is This Stuff Seems Like It's Way Stronger Than Ritalin. I Couldn't Sleep Till 5am The First Day And Only Slept A Good 4 Hours Last Night. By The Way, I Never Had A Hard Time Falling Asleep And I Could Easily Fall Asleep On Ritalin Even After Taking 10mg If I Had To. All I Can Say Is That Adderall Has Given Me Bad Dry Mouth, Insomnia, And Decreased Appetite But It's Like A Double Prescription For Eyeglasses As A Good Analogy For Focus. I Initially Wanted To Go On Concerta For The Convenience Aspect Of Only Taking One Pill But My Insurance Said I Have To Try Other Alternatives And I'm Over 21(i'm 29). I'm Confused Because I Was Allowed Ritalin And Isn't Adderall Xr More Expensive, Mind You It's Not Generic! They Also Said My Doctor Has To Fax Them A Reason Why I Can't Take The Alternatives, Which Straterra Is The Other. Can Anyone Give Me A Logical Explanation About This? I Told Them This Doesn't Make Sense But Their Answer Was Always Confusing. Plus, I'm Kinda Nervous About Taking A Drug That Was Banned From Canada Although I Only Have One Month Left Of This Semester And I Think I'll Take The Summer Off From Meds Or Go Back On A Small Dose Of Ritalin, And Perhaps Increase It In The Fall But I'm Not Sure If I Should Stick With Adderall Or What. Sorry If I Sound Confusing, And Thanks For Reading! :)

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