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My 7 yr. old son was DX in oct of last yr with ADHD. I took him to his Ped. and he put him on 36mg. of Concerta we tried this for maybe a month and he was able to do better in school went from not reading to reading in that month but it timed out around 1 or 2 so he wasn't able to finish out his school day focused then when he came home he was a zombie. I took him back to his ped. who added Straterra 18mg a day with the Concerta this seemed to work but he still wasn't his normal self and I took him back in Jan. From oct. to Jan. he had lost 9 lbs and looked terrible, he was doing ok in school but wasn't a normal happy little boy.
The ped. dropped his doasage down to 10mg of Strattera and 18 mg. of Concerta he is still doing well mostly in school and he partcipates in church and scouts and those things where he never did before but he is still a subdued little guy.
I haven't seen anywhere else where these 2 meds have been combined before. Oh he was falling asleep in the afternoon at school and at home at like 5 that is why the Dr. added the straterra he said it would balance them out?
He does well in school,participates in his activities now and is a little more loving (on his terms) but he is not a running, jumping ,happy little guy like he used to be. What do I suggest to the Ped?
Going off meds is not an option I have ADD (untreated as of yet) and my 12 yr. old daughter is ADD my house would be even more chaotic if he were off meds.
I'm also concerned with the long term effects of the Strattera his ped. isn't even interested in checking his liver to make sure he stays healthy! I'm going to be switching docs for him by the way his sister and I are under a different docs care.
My son was the same way. He was on 54 mg. of Concerta and it started not working for him so they added the Strattera. He had tried Strattera before but it did nothing for him. They thought though that it mixed with Concerta might work. It still did nothing for him. The specialist said she was glad that it didn't because she really doesn't like to give it because of the chance of liver problems. Nicholas never had any ill side effects from his meds but I guess that doesn't really matter...or at least she seems to think so.

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