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I think maybe your grandson is like so many other kids I've heard about, including my own son. Strattera may not be working for him. It did absolutely nothing for my son. My son has severe ADHD and has all the symptoms. My daughter on the other hand seems to have some of the attention problems but really none of the hyperactiveness. In school it is very different than at home. They are expected to sit and listen and not be distractable. They don't have that need at home so it's very hard to gauge how they are. It's like with my daughter. She has trouble finishing her assignments and paying attention in class. I didn't see this because when she's home she doesn't have to finish long assignments and stuff so I never saw it. She has minimal homework and when she does it's short quick assignments so she never has the opportunity to lose her concentration. We have hadexperience with Metadate CD and it worked pretty well for my son for some time. He never had any bad side effects from it either. My daughter is on a low dose of Concerta. We are trying it for a month to see how it works for her. She seems to be doing better with it though as far as paying attention in class. If I were you I'd ask to try dropping the Strattera and just try the new drug. Like I said, I've heard soooo many people say Strattera didn't work. Our specialist even told us it doesn't work for a LOT of people. They just push it because they were hoping for it to be the new "wonder drug" nonstimulant.

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