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[QUOTE=x0ticsin]Right now i've been taking adderall regular release 15mg 3xday. i have alot of cousins with ADD also and they take ritalin. my mom wants me to switch from adderall to ritalin because she said my cousins developed eating disorders and wont eat. For some reason i'm scared of ritalin because i dont want to give up adderall, when its not in my system i dont crave it...but i hate the withdrawl and revert to drinking lots of coffee and end up not sleeping and getting a caffeine crash. I do lose appetite but i make myself eat anyways cuz i need the energy and vitamins. The times that I abuse the drugs would be when i have to pull allnighters to study. If i stop taking adderall im afraid i'll start gaining weight. I've heard alot of unhappy stories about ritalin addiction. but is adderall addiction worse?[/QUOTE]

What is worse than addiction is the eventual deregulation/desenzitation of brain receptors from constant stimulation from a drug which causes those receptors to die off or become less sensitive which can lead to tolerance and symptoms simular to withdrawals including depression.

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