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Tomorrow I will take my first 5mg Adderall dose. My prescription is for 5mg twice a day. My doctor was reluctant to prescribe it, being skeptical of it being much different than Dexedrine, which is also amphetamine. I've been in a bit of a quandarry over treating my ADD, having gone months and years in between medical treatment out of sheer aversion to medication side effects. Ritalin seems to focus me the best, but causes my mood to cycle rapidly. Dexedrine gives me a bigger energy boost and also calms me and helps to start academic projects, etc, but it too messes with my mood. I've just gone through almost two years of a premedical program without using caffeine or any other stimulant more than a dozen different times, but now my moderately high intelligence is insufficient to compensate for messy notes and poor study habits in tackling an ever mounting body of information which I need to assimilate and process. That brings me back to low dose stimulants.

Please report on your successes using lower dose Adderall. Did it work better for you than Dexedrine or Ritalin, and if so, how long were you on a particular low dose before it was necessary to increase it. Having been down the stimulant dosage escalation path years ago when I was first diagnosed with ADD, I'm trying to maintain a far more rational and even restrained attitude towards treatment this time around. For instance, even though my doctor has written Ritalin prescriptions of 5mg/day, it has often taken me 4 months to go through one 30 count bottle, which has meant treating my inattentiveness to a far lesser degree than that of which modern medicine is capable. Such is the middle road I guess for those of us with dysphoric comorbidity until something with a more enlightened mechanism comes along...

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