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With Adderall, I had extreme dry mouth and no appetite at all; I also experienced neck and shoulder tension along with some mild headaches. I was reluctant to go off because I did like the focus effects.

I stopped for two days, I made sure it was on a weekend so any bad effects I had would be at home, and then started the concerta. The Dr has me starting slowly on the meds but I have found that 18mg of concerta has done the same for me as 60mg of the Adderall.

I say this knowing the every body is different and reacts different to meds. but for me it has been good. I experience mild headaches about and hour after taking concerta but it goes away in about an hour and a half. I have an appetite and I do not want to hold a gallon of water in my mouth all the time to keep hydrated.

The other interesting thing to note is that when I was on Addreall I was not hungry and was not medicating my self with food like I did pre Addreall (I find I did this to stimulate my brain, go figure). Anyway... off Adderall I went back to eating tons of carbs to get energy and focus. On concerta I do not feel the need to eat to focus, instead I eat because I am hungry and not to maintain focus.

I guess if it does lose effectiveness you can go up in mg's, or even try a shorter acting Addreall.

It is hard to decide what to do because every one is so different. I totally trust my DR and feel like he would not allow me to do something that would make me go back in progress, I am a grad student and a mother of 3, he knows how much I need my focus.

I hope that helps a little. I wish some one could say for sure what the best is for all of us so we can get on with living normal lives we have all longed for.

(Sorry this post is so long...I hope it does not throw the ADD off)

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