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Have been in your place 16 years ago. My son who is now 16 was a terror! Slowly we became uninvited to family and friend functions due to his impulsivness, and a just plain hell raiser. Since get go I had my son from one specialist to another. Over the first 10 years of his life, he's been on a variety of medication, the last was retalin on the lowest dosage with combination of risperdal to counteract the tics that came out from taking retalin. Now here is some good at 16 my son is no longer on med's, finally has (good) friends, his school marks average B's to A's and is well liked. Now I'm not saying he doesn't have his moments and gets stuck on something, and is not your typical teenager and he has severe obsessive compulsive behaviour which is my most concern. However, when he is out he's able to control it. The OBS is usually at its worst when he's under stress. By joining a support group that includes your son with other children is beneficial, keeping on good terms and contact with the teachers. I know your son is young right now, and not saying its not going to be rough for the next few years, but never stop researching and asking questions, that is the key. Medication is only a temporary but teaching him how to work with ADHD will help him for the future. Also see what strengths he may have and work on them, be it a sport, computers, drawing, whatever its a good start. I found enrolling my son in sports was not the right decission, he only got bored and of course got into trouble. Karate worked out to be the best thing, usually the dojo's understand and are trained with patience to work with children with ADHD and its also a great way to release all that pent up energy. I hope some of this helps.

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