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I am a 31 year old male that has severe ADHD. I have never been treated for my disorder until a year ago. My doctor put me on Strattera for a brief peiod that did provide some relief but I developed Prostatitis and needed to stop using it. I am now seeing a nuerologist who is an ADD/ADHD specialist and he prescribed Ritalin starting with 10mg 3x a day and then increased to 15mg, 20mg, 30mg. I noticed very little benefit with this drug until I got to 40mg and I started to be much less hyper and a bit more calm. I still needed a higher dose and settled out at 60mg 4 times a day. It sounds like a ton of drugs to me and has me a bit worried. I have had no real side effects except feeling dry and having to drink more water. The doses only lasted about 2 hrs and I had severe rebound so I have switched to Adderall as of last month. I was started at 30mg 2 times a day and did notice an increase in durration and the drug felt much more even, not peaky like the Ritalin. I then increased to 45mg a week later as directed and was having some depression /anxiety like symtoms returning. The next week I went to my dose he felt would be most benificial, 60mg. It is more effective than the Ritalin with me and I feel more even durring my medicated state of 5hrs. I do get 1 hr of rebound but nowhere near as severe as the Ritalin. I am still feeling somewhat depressed and anxious every now and then and called my doctor to ask what to do. I see him in less that a week and he told me it may be too low of a dose for me and told me to try 75mg 2 times a day. It helps a bit and I do not in any way get "up" on this drug. It calms me down to a level of the average person. I sit still, don't talk as much, and my anger and rage is far less. I still have some impusivity issues and concentration issues as well but am overall much calmer. I do feel that 75mg is a bit high for my body and am cutting back to 60mg. I think he will put me on Wellbutrin and a lower dose of Adderall when I see him this week.

I have not heard of many people taking this high of a dose of either drug. I am all of 130lbs and 5' 7" tall so it's a mystery to me why I need so much. I lost 15lbs on Strattera and now eat about 3000-4000 calories a day of food to keep my weight the same. My Metabolism is sickly fast, I can eat anything and not gain a pound. Now I'm trying to get my weight back and it is slowly being put back on. I do worry about long term effects of these drugs and do not want to do any damage to my vital organs. My blood pressure has been consistant and not changed at all and averages below normal (ex. 117/72) but my heart rate is a bit higher than normal. Sitting and working-low 80s walking around and active-90 to 100. Sleep has always been tough but it's doable.

Anyone else have any experience at these higher doses??????? I do know of many doctors that are having better results with adults with higher doses, I just don't know how high people go.

Any feedback is appreciated!!!! Thanks

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