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15 year old daughter. Diagnosed in 5th grade. First on Adderall. Switched to Concerta so that she could take it only once a day. She is in 9th grade. 1st semester her report card was two As and two Bs. That is a huge accomplishment for her because academics are her LAST concern.

Problem, she was not eating enough. Doctor gave her six months to gain weight. She didn't. About 2 1/2 months ago we switched to Straterra. Long story short, as it relates to my daughters judgment, choices, impulsivity and performance at school, these have been the roughest 2 1/2 months ever. She currently has two Fs, one C- and I'm not sure of the other grade because that teacher has been out. I am in CONSTANT contact with each of her teachers and her principal. I have rules and there are consequences for her bad choices. Nothing has improved. It has been horrible!

Finally, her therapist and my therapist both suggested and recommended that we get a reevaluation of her meds by a psychiatrist who specializes in working with teens.

To paraphrase him.... Straterra has been around for many years and it has never been effective for ADD/ADHD. It is more effective for the treatment of depression. To which I asked "Then why did her pediatrician prescribe it?" He said "Because in the last few years it has been hyped as a new drug for ADD and adult ADD -- but it's not new -- and doctors bought the hype and started prescribing it for ADD/ADHD."

I was relieved and sad. Relieved to know that the reason my daughter was not improving was because the medication was doing NOTHING for her. Sad because we lost 2 1/2 months of good academic performance. Not to mention that she's been grounded for 90% of those 2 1/2 months due to making bad choices.

We started Dexedrine last Friday. She's getting caught up on her school work. She has calmed down. She is less impulsive. And, she can CONCENTRATE on her work at school. How great it was to hear "Mom, I got an "A" on a test!"

We have five weeks left in the semester. I am hoping, with both fingers crossed that it's enough time to undo the damage.

Good luck in your decision making. I know it's not easy.

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