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[QUOTE=mdloops]I will also list my side effects starting with the worst. All of these effects subsided about 2-3 weeks after discontinuing use. Kind of graphic. We are all adults here, so you have been warned.

1) My penis was not useless, but an orgasm felt bad. My orgasms were also completely dry. It felt like I had a huge amount of pressure added to my groin immediately after beginning climax. This subsided for 3 hours one night and hept me awake. It felt like I had a gallon of water in me and I had to urinate, but I could not. Sometimes I would feel this even when I did not have sex. MANY other men have had the same problem. Your child will not be experienceing this anytime soon, but nobody yet knows if it could turn out to be a problem firther down the line. I have to think that is this is caused by a swelled prostate that it could do permanant damage if it happens for an extended period of time. This stuff could double as the most effective birth control there is because after 2 weeks I refused to have sex. Sometimes it actually got so painful I had to stop

2)Insomnia including vivid dreams. No nightmares but somebody who isn't very stable will probably have nightmares.

3)Constant Restlessness and a feeling that my heart was racing. It got so bad sometimes that I would run 3 miles, shower, eat, and still fell like I needed to go running.

I took Strattera for about 2 weeks and I was on the regular dosage for an adult my size. I tried reducing dosage to see if it would help but the side effects progressively got worst.[/QUOTE]

I had the same problems that after a few months that included cloudy urine and testicular pain a bit later. The testicular pain was intense and caused nausea at points. An ultrasound revealed no torsion and an physical examination did reveal a rather enlarged prostate. A friend on the drug had the same problems after 6 months or so on the drug. This drug may be better with children than adults (at least male adults).

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