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My shrink asked my wife and me to fill out ADD questioners. My wife is not ADD. She was told to record her perceptions of me. It was enlightening. I also listed whether Ritalin or a coping skill is helpful for each item. That is for your benefit. You can add coping skills that you know about for me.

I abbreviated the questions. Hey, I'm ADD. What can you expect? But retained the substance. I display my wife's answer than mine. Then my comments which are not on the form.

Scale: 0 Never, 1 Somtimes, 2 Often, 3 Very often

1. Close attention to details, careless mistakes
Wife 0, Me 3 - I farm out stuff I hate to do and my psychologists has suggested a little obsessive, complusiveness. I must do everything perfectly which is, of course, impossible. We started working on the OCD but too soon to comment.

2. Fidgets with hands or feet
Wife 2, Me 2 - I would be 3 except I try to control myself

3. Has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play
Wife 3, Me 3 - Ritalin

4. Leaves seat when expected to remain seated
Wife 1, Me 1 - Force myself to remain seated

5. Does not seem to listen when spoken to directly
Wife 3, Me 0 - This has nothing to do with ADD, everything to do with being male

6. Physical restlessness
Wife 2, Me 3 - Ritalin

7. Does not follow through on work
Wife 2, Me 3 - Ritalin. The big problem here is picking up where I left off. The coping skill is to do the thing feared most, first thing in the morning. Once my brain gets into gear, generally just a lot of self-control will do.

8. Has difficulty engaging in leisure activities quietly?
Wife 1, Me 3 - Ritalin. Don't engage in leisure activites. I do much better with action stuff we like to do togther like hiking, bike riding, etc. Don't ask me to see a play or movie unless it is extremely interesting. The most intensely interesting movie ever was "A beautiful mind." I indentifed with John Nash except he's smarter by a magnitude of 1000000000 and I'm not skitso but nuts in other ways.

9. Has difficulty organizing
Wife 3, Me 3 - Ritalin. Let my wife do it. She is good at it. Doesn't necessarly want to do it but does cause she loves me. Right Hun? She yelled back yes.

10. Is "on the go" or acts as if "driven by a motor"
Wife, 3 Me 3 - Ritalin.

11. Avoids tasks that require sustained mental effort.
Wife 0, Me 3 - Ritalin. My wife doesn't see the internal struggle I go through to get started. The funny thing is I love to program even after 15 years or so. It requires sustained mental effort but it is complex enough to keep me interested. Go figure.

12. Talks excessively
Wife 3, Me 3 - Ritalin. I hated to admit this one but the truth is I'm worse than a woman. Now that is bad.

13. Loses things.
Wife 3, Me 3. I needed my wife to find everything. Now some simple organization skills are helping like always leaving keys in the bowl on the table near the door. Haven't lost them in several weeks.

14. Blurts out answers before questions have been completed
Wife 3, Me 3. Why wait? Once I know the answer what's the sense of listening to the rest of the question :)

15. Easily distracted
Wife 0, Me 0. The sub questions were things like conversation, TV, radio, movement - that is stuff around me. This paradox is what prevented me from seeing the ADD a long time ago. They all help. The worse thing for me is a quiet office. It is then my own thoughts distract me.
Ritalin and create diversions when working at home. Visit my "water cooler" every couple hours that is, webs like this one to chat a little.

16. Has difficulty awaiting turn.
Wife 3, Me 3. Ritalin

17. Is forgetful in daily activities.
Wife 3, Me 3. Ritalin. My wife schedules my appointments and reminds me.

18. Interrupts or intrudes on others
Wife 2, Me 2. Heck, I did not know I did it. Need to work on this one.

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