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Do I have ADD?
May 15, 2005
I've heard of so many symptoms for ADD that I don't know which of my abnormalities relate to it or not. I have alsways done ok in school, but that's because I devote about 8+ hours every evening to homework. My parents refuse to believe that I could possibly have ADD, but now I need help or I'll never make it through college.

It takes me about 4 times the amount of time to do homework as everyone else, I have to re-read everything 3, 4, and 5 times; I reverse 2 and 3 digit numbers as well as fractions, I verbally reverse words, Sometimes I'll replace a vowel with a second constanant (the same as the one before it. Ex) Addlt or even Addut instead of Adult). I space out after 5 minutes, I can't concentrate, I procrastinate, I forget things 5 minutes after I was told, I'll walk into a room and forget what I was going to get (and I'm only 17!), I have frequent ticks in my left eye and right arm, I'm impatient, I need to be constantly busy, I shake my leg constantly when sitting, I chew on pens and my fingernails, I get very hyper and then really tired, I feel frequently fatigued, I have chronic allergies, I have asthma, I want to be around alot of people one minute and then left alone the next, I'm irritable, it takes me like an entire day to do chores and homework, I'm moody, I'm chastized for my poor writing skills because it is incoherent from on paragraph to the next, I'm chastized for my poor handwriting, I have at least 4 different kinds of headache medicines, when I achieve a goal I'm like, "Now what?" I laugh at like everything at school and rarely ever at home, I talk alot, I can't focus, I'm disorganized, I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder and depression, I have a family history of manic depression and impulsive violence, and this is only a few things.

It even took my like 20 minutes to write this because I kept getting distracted!

Do these all relate in some way?
If so, what should I do to fix my overall problem?
Re: Do I have ADD?
May 17, 2005
Well, I'm not the one that notices so much, otherwise that would be paying attention to detail wouldn't it? I hear it from my English and Math teachers the most. My Algebra teacher made fun of a test in front of the class with no name on it because alot of the fractions were reversed. She said, "Someone must have severe dyslexia." I slid down in my seat as the class laughed.

About 4 different people make fun of me for my random twitching. Last week I embarassed myself in front of the class two days in a row by asking a question after it was just answered because I was staring out the window and not totally paying attention. I generally don't have the patients for reading directions, and I have a hard time staying focuse while reading anyway. It's to the point where I time myself on my homework, and if I spend more than 7 straight hours, I make myself take a break (I'm only a senior in high school). Technically, I'm constantly taking a break because I'm doing stuff like writing this or looking at magazines while my 10 page paper assignment is sitting in front of me.

I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, insomnia, and depression, and my mom thinks it's only that. She didn't believe I had that until doctors brought it up. And the insomnia she only believed because she has it. I take melatonin for it.

I know ADD is like some big fad. Ironically, my 10 page paper is on how it's overdiagnosed. But the reason I chose the topic was so that I could research ADD further, while doing homework, to make sure before I got tested. Anyone can get diagnosed nowdays (especially around here). But I take enough drugs. I only want to take another if it will help and I'm absolutely sure that it's Adult ADD.

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