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dear paws...just come home after a small trip away up the coast...well,my son went to a private school as well,and they bent over backwards trying to help him,but the boys were very intolerent of him (it was an all boys school )...i think it does`nt matter what type of school you attend as long as your teachers are aware of your difficulties....we also had the support of a group of professional people who backed us up in regards to my son,that helped....really but,it is solely up to you,just stay positive and tune in to what you wish to achieve at helps to put a name to things that do not necessarily fit in to the mainstream of our lives,such as what they have diagnosed for you...just remember ,everybody is unique,we are all trying to find our own little pool of happiness,so do not think of yourself as so very different to your peers,we all have our own mental and emotional abilities/disabilities...we are not sheep...when you see the doctors who will advise you and your parents,learn as much as you can from them as to what they can do or advise you on,but we all have our own temperament,personality, learned skills,God-given talents,genetic makeup,etc....and it`s what we achieve in life is what makes you unique,so do not feel discouraged with what you are told,but rather look at it with being a part of you,and love what is you....I suffer with depression,I have all my life,now I do not keep it a secret from my peers,as it helps for them to understand me better ,otherwise they are left confused...hope this is not all too muddled up for you...funny enough,people actually open up to me when i mention depression,makes me more will learn to handle your depression and anxiety,but it sounds like it is in charge of you at the moment....i remember a story about a blind man who climbed mt everest ? with the help of some professional mountainers,...he did it because he did`nt want his blindness to control him,but he would not have been able to achieve it without the help of the mountain to you..

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