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yor very welcome. also the biggest class when i went to this school was 8 students. so lots of individual attention on each student. there is a study hall after dinner from 7pm to 9pm. i graduated with honors in 1999. i was a poor student before my parents found this school. i went for 2 years of high school. also there is a college program too. the same rules apply to entering this program. only you live off campus in the school appartments. you still have suppervision. also a study hall from 7pm to 9pm is in this program too. in both programs there is a mandatory rec program after school. this school is structured very well. everyday is planned out and there is a tier system for behavior. the higher you are on this system the more after school and weekend privlages you have. your children will also attend a social skills program every thursday after school. this helps them with social situations and making new friends. also how to act in public correctly. like i said it is structured very well. you can get more info on this site

PS- tuition is differnet than it was 6 years ago

TUITION= $45,400

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