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Re: ADD and Tics
Jun 3, 2005
Kappy, I know that clonidine is used to treat tics in kids both on and off stimulants. It can cause drowsiness (it's sometimes given to ADHD kids as a sleep aid) and, as I said, it caused some rather wicked constipation in my son. The oral form is very short-acting and doses must be repeated during the day. As a result of it's short half-life, kids experience ups and downs in it's effectiveness as well as with sleepiness as a side effect. My son used the patch form which was very effective for him and other than the constipation, had few side effects. It helped reduce his hyperactivity as well as his tics, but did nothing for his concentration. He was not on a stimulant at the time. Some people experience skin irritation with the patch form and can't tolerate it - that was never an issue for my son.

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