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Re: Adderall XR
May 28, 2005
Hi, my son is 9 and he's been on Adderall for about 2 years. It has helped him immensely. I read your other posts too, about hyperactivity. Max is very hyper and goofy without his meds. He's much quieter with them. We really had to struggle with ourselves to finally put him on meds, but he just couldn't concentrate in school. He'd daydream and didn't do any classwork at all in 2nd grade. Part of it turned out to be because his teacher that year was a real beeotch. But he also had a terrible time with homework. He would get distracted by everything and not just objects, every thought that came into his head he had to blurt out and discuss. Finally we took him to several doctors and ended up with a pediatric neurologist. She told us of the risks and benefits of the meds and Max himself said, "please, Mom, please let me try the medicine that might help me concentrate". So we started with 10 mg XR in the morning and it was like a miracle.

As he got older, we've slightly increased his dose. He was up to 25 but seemed to act too nonresponsive - not like himself! Now he's on 20 mg a day and he still can be himself - slightly goofy but a bit more serious and able to focus much better.

Sometimes on the week-ends we let him decide whether or not to take his meds. He usually opts not to. But he is manically silly in the a.m., making silly noises, running around the apartment, tormenting his sister. If we have some fun activity planned, that seems to absorb the extra energy, for example, we went to Disneyland last week and he didn't need it - he was already excited and there was plenty to do to keep him busy. He didn't take it when he went to see the new Star Wars movie either. But today we were stuck at home while my husband ran errands in the morning and Max asked for the meds. They have really helped. Maybe he will outgrow the need for them, I hope so, but for now, Adderall is saving us a lot of grief! It's amazing that a stimulant makes our son so calm and quiet. Sorry so long....hope this helps you in some way.

BTW, both my husband and myself have ADD (his is still ADHD, even as an adult - he does about triple the activities that most people do in a day). We both were put on Ritalin as kids, which didn't help. Then no meds, nothing except what drugs we abused as teens and young adults - just about everything in the pharmacy. I bet Adderall would have helped us then!
Re: Adderall XR
May 30, 2005
Wow,your son sounds EXACTLY like me when I dont take my medicine.Even though I am in my 40's If I dont take my medicine I act very very gitty,I laugh at everything.I take nothing seriously,I run around like a nut.However,I always seem to get into at least 1 major arguement on those days as well.I am on adderal xr 20 mg. twice a day.It does take some of my personality away but when I try to stop taking it things go for now i keep taking it and I cant help but think how different things could have been for me if my adhd would have been noticed 30 years ago instead of 2 years!Good luck to you and your family.

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