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[QUOTE=EAM]I am a 28 f and was diagnosed with ADD some time ago.

I have been on Concerta for a little over a year and, while I've noticed some improvement, I don't know that it is helping as much as it "should".

I am also taking Lexapro for depression. I am interested in trying Adderall based on what I've read about it but am not sure how to present this to my psych.

Can somebody give me some ideas of the differences in the two drugs?

Thanks in advance.[/QUOTE]

When I was diagnosed I spent two hours with a psychologist, then he sent me to a psychiatrist in his same office group. The psychiatrist told me the best way to confirm an ADD/ADHD diagnosis is to try medication and see if it works. He gave me a prescription for Ritalin and asked me to come back in 30 days.

[FONT=Arial][I]I took Ritalin in my late teens/early twenties, long before adult ADD/ADHD was acknowledged. I wasn't all that happy with Ritalin due to the sudden onset/offset but it was better than nothing (there weren't other choices then[/I]).[/FONT]

It had been a long time since I had taken Ritalin but it definitely helped me focus with the first tablet. I got on the Internet and did a lot of research on drugs prescribed for ADD. Adderall had just been FDA approved the previous month. I liked the idea that the ingredients used in Adderall had been used for thirty years and it had the least reported side effects compared to all the other drugs. I wanted to try it so I printed out the best write up I could find about it and took it to the next return visit. My psychiatrist was happy to write a prescription for Adderall to let me give it a trial run (I could tell he was unfamiliar with it and was curious to find out how this new promising drug would work).

I was amazed at how well Adderall worked compared to Ritalin. When I reported back to my doctor the next visit, I told him I was very impressed with the smooth onset/offset and duration (I could hardly tell when it started to kick in or wear off). It was also very effective in helping me focus and I had no side effects. During the next visit to his office (ninety days later) he told me he had switched almost all of his ADD patients to Adderall.

If Concerta isn't working as well as you think it should, it could be that your dose isn't quite high enough. Do you really have depression? Quite frankly, I think depression, narcolepsy, and ADD/ADHD are caused by thyroid horomone deficiencey (sluggish peripheral conversion of T4 to T3 at the cellular level) as the result of an over-abundance of soy, fluroide, chlorine, and other toxins in our environment. Many of these environmental factors have been identified and proven in clinical studies but medical doctors don't yet recognize or consider thyroid hormone conversion problems. The majority of doctors don't run the right thyroid tests to make a diagnosis and thyroid physiology isn't well understood in the medical field. This is why depression, diabetes, obesity, drug abuse and heart disease is so wide-spread. I have conducted thousands of hours of research on these topics. I've learned by experience and experimentation that insufficient levels of T3 causes lower cardiac output, reducing blood oxygen levels to all body organ systems. Too little oxygen in the brain during sleep causes abnormal sleep (unrefreshing sleep). Snoring, sleep apnea, etc. A recent clinical study (on narcolepsy) linked narcolepsy to ADD. All subjects included in the study suffered from symptoms of both (a high number of subjects had been diagnosed as having ADD). I'm very close to proving that both are caused by thyroid hormone conversion difficulties.

P.S. You can print out my reply to your message and take it to your doctor. Good Luck, I hope I've helped you. ;)

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