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[QUOTE=Mamasita_of_3]Im sorry but I feel the need to weigh in here due to many comments by others. Not all kids are the same. My son is 7 and has been on adderall 10mg for a few yrs now and we was still having problems in school. I didnt want to give him more cause I didnt want him in the ZOMBIE mood. After getting theses emails from his teacher saying how he cant sit still and it would take him 45 mins to finish 10 math problems. Always yelling out. This went on for a few months so I changed the adderall from 5 mg twice a day to 10 mg twice a day and nothing changed. The 10 mg helped with him sitting still and the yelling out but not with the work. This year he went from a stright A student to almost making A's and a few F's. Thats not my son at all so I talked to his dr cause I could let this to keep up. After talking to his dr he put him on Ritalin 30 mg. Its been 1 week now and he just got his weekly papers back and its back to all A's. I just got a email from his teacher and this is what she (the one who is with him all day) has to say about him on this new med.

I just wanted to let you know that David has been great the last couple
of days. He seems to be getting his work done quicker and his behavior
is super. I have not noticed him being too tired or drowsy.

[B]So my point here is just cause her child or any others reacts different from a med dont mean its a bad one.[/B] It took me 1 yr to find what was right for my son. Once I did we stayed on it even when the dr wanted to change. Only you know how your child deals with each med and knows if its needed or not.


I have to agree with this. I understand the many concerns of medicating children and how the side-effects of medication can be very worrisome for a lot of people! In fact, if I had children, I probably wouldn't put them on ANY form of psychological medication unless it was ABSOLUTELY necessary.

I'm extremely conservative when it comes to taking medication. I am very cautious even when taking daily vitamins! lol So...when my psychiatrist diagnosed me as having a mild form of ADD and prescribed me Ritalin, I was scared to say the least. I've NEVER done illegal drugs, never smoked a ciggarette, and I had NEVER ever taken any "psychoactive" drugs. I was really scared.

My doctor told me to just try 5 mgs, 2 or 3 times a day and see how that goes. Then, if it doesn't really do anything, then try 10mgs 3x a day and try that. But he advised me to NEVER go beyond 20 mgs! I'm actually very surprised that a doctor would prescribe 30mgs for a little child! :eek:

Anyway, after much coaxing, I decided to give the Ritalin a try. I'm a college student, and so my grades were always being affected. Let me tell you, the first week on Ritalin were almost surreal! I was actually getting things DONE! I could read a chapter in about 30 minutes when usually it would take me an hour! I was actually cleaning up my room (lol), and I found it easier to pay attention in class. After a while though, I think the drugs wore off a bit. So, I decided to take 10 mgs 3x a day yesterday. worked [B]WONDERS[/B]! The Ritalin makes me a little tired and calmer, but I have been getting a lot of work done! No matter what, I won't go beyond 10 mgs 3x a day. I just don't think I need to go any higher anyway. I think the 10 mgs 2 or 3x a day is just fine for me. ;)

So [B]bottom line[/B]....I say all of this to say, that you just have to find out what works for YOU or your child. The same drug won't affect everyone the same way. Some people really like certain drugs, while others hate them. Again, [B]you have to use your own personal judgement[/B]. For me, Ritalin works fine. I mean, there are minimal side-effects, but the pros WAAY outweigh the cons IMO. So, I'll continue to use it for my classes. I've gotten more out of my readings in just this first week of classes than I probably EVER got my whole semester last year! :eek:

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