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Hi Carly,
Thanks for responding. You're right, I am young(Well at least I think so), I'm 29. I have had high blood pressure problems in my life, but I'm pretty sure they're behind me. I had a "webbing" in my renal artery. It was congenitive, but didn't manifest itself until I was 21. My blood pressure was 200/160 for two years!!!! I even had a mini stroke at the age of 22. I saw all of the best cardiologists in my city, Phila******a, but all of them simply tried rotating blood pressure meds, which would work for a week, and then my blood pressure would skyrocket again. Finally, a nephrologist did an MRI of my kidneys and found the webbing. I had angioplasty to break up the webbing, and since then, my blood pressure is 120/80 every time. However, due to two years of extremely high blood pressure, I may have some damage in my heart which will manifest itself later in life. If Starttera does raise my pressure, I think I might have to stop it. I went through too much to get my blood pressure back to normal, so I don't like messing with it, especially with a potentially weakened heart.
By the way, you can call me Jay.
Now, after I posted yesterday about the Strattera, I read an awful lot of bad things about the side effects on this website. Lots of strange sexual side effects and urination problems in men. That is something that I am most definitely worried about. I understand the reluctance to prescribe Adderall, but my doctors are making me feel like I'm just trying to get speed. It really makes me uncomfortable. I just want to feel normal. It's not my fault that amphetimines are one of the best ways to treat ADHD. I will stick it out with the Strattera, however. If I start to notice any of these side effects, I'll just call my doctor immediately.
Every time we discuss Adderall, my doctors say, "There's a lot of potential for abuse and addiction with that drug." If my doctor prescribes me Adderall, how can I become addicted? I imagine I'll be taking it every day anyway. And how could I abuse it? Taking it more frequently than I'm supposed to? Like I said, I'm very confused.
It bothers me because a bunch of college kids are abusing these medications, it makes it difficult for me and others who actually suffer from ADHD to get the proper medication. Oh well, I'm venting.

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