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Bob here. 53 year old but newly diagnosed and still on the ADHD management learning curve.

From what Iíve read Strattera does not work for everyone especially for those with the primarily ďinattentive typeĒ of ADD. That is what I have. No one argues that stimulants like Adderral are hands down the most effective. But dead without ADHD is probably worse than living with it though sometimes I wonder. Stimulants can raise blood pressure. So you do need to be careful.

Also, all stimulants have the potential for abuse. It is no small matter. My rational is all drugs are potentially dangerous. So if danger is the problem take them all off the market immediately. Incidentally, there is no ADHD med anywhere near as dangerous as an automobile statistically speaking. Whatís more I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the doctors when any drug damages a patient. Not for taking a calculated risk, but for not closely following the patient. To me, it is no different that giving a running chain saw to child and walking away expecting heíll cut wood with it and not his leg off.

The bigger issue is, do you have ADHD? There are a zillion conditions and disorders that can mimic its symptoms. You cannot solve a problem until the problem is defined. I urge you to get evaluated first. I know you want immediate relief. Struggling with an inability to focus is no fun whatever the cause. But letís do a reality check: Even if it is ADHD, there is no magic pill for it. Here is the cycle I am experiencing. First, the medís euphoriant properties will be at work. You wonít believe how good youíll feel. Youíll run around like a lunatic accomplishing all sorts of things you always wanted to but couldnít. Ahhhhh, relief at last. Until stage 2. Youíll become tolerant to the drugís euphoriant properties. But youíll notice that its anti-ADHD properties are holding up. Now the work begins. Iíll speak in the first person. Iím trying to learn all the good habits I couldnít learn with unmanaged ADHD symptoms. We are talking work here, my friend. Why canít they just invent a pill that fixes it without me doing anything? Stage 3 is a mature understanding of the disorder and a workable schedule in place for managing it. Letís say you are more motivated than average to get the beast in a cage. Incidentally, in a cage is the best we will ever do. A dead ADHD beast is not a do. Six months is the absolute minimum between therapy start and stage 3. And, I wouldnít be a least bit surprised if the more experienced on this board flame me for being unrealistically optimistic. The ADHD beast does not go willing into the cage. He will do everything in his power to kick your you know what. Sometimes you win the battle, sometimes the beast wins. The goal though is to win the war. That takes time and a lot of effort.

Just in case anyone thinks I think I have a beast living in me, I do.

Jay, I won't go into all the detail - if you want to read the history, do a search on this board with my name and you'll find lots. In a nutshell, my son struggled with ADD (inattentive) forever. We tried him on Ritalin then Dexedrine when he was 5. Three months on each. Ritalin brought on tics and made him zombie-like, Dexedrine he seemed so happy, but the teacher said he did better in the classroom on Ritalin. Pulled him off everything to reevaluate. Didn't like meds so young in the first place and no one could prove to me that he 'really' needed it.

Went back on meds when he started 7th grade (13 yo) due to declining grades and years of social misbehavior in the classroom. I wanted to make sure he had the best start possible and didn't want to ignore the obvious (by now) signs. If there was something that could help, you need to go after it. He was having trouble with his relationship with dad and brother too. It really makes a difference when the people who are around you understand how to deal with this and not escalate situations. There is a method to the madness. Takes lots of patience and practice to get a good rythm going.

Doctor wanted to put son on Concerta. Son CANNOT swallow. Tried all kinds of things. So, I asked the doctor for Adderall. He was a bit reluctant because he was not as familiar with Adderall as he was with Concerta. But, we weren't doing Ritalin again because of the tics. He did start on regular and went to XR. For him, the XR did not work. Went back on regular. He took 30mg once in the morning on school days only. With Adderall you do not have to build up a tolerance like Strattera - you feel the affects right away. His grades greatly improved and he started getting nice comments on his report cards about him being a pleasure in class!

Ok, where am I going with all this...I have to tell you that only once I took a pill to see how it affected me. I work at a computer all day and am always 'wandering' off topic. Well, I sat and actually did work all day. I think this med can probably help anyone even if they are not ADD/ADHD. If your insurance covers the cost and your doctor has prescribed you Strattera, that means that he believes you have ADD. There is no reason you should not be able to insist on the med you have done research on. If the doctor monitors you with Strattera, he'll monitor you just as well with Adderall. Sometimes I think it's what the doctors need to 'push' for their suppliers (sounds bad - lol). If you are not having good results with Strattera, and I would think being that sleepy could cause big trouble, you need to be aggressive.

good luck

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