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Hey peeps.

I'm baout to go into my shrink this week and talk about taking something for ADD. I have a serious concentration problem, and we;ve been talking about it in therapy. My shrink knows I've messed around with drugs and alcohol, I've been addicted to pot. I've never spent any time in rehab and have always manages to stop doing bad things on my own. Anyways, I have a feeling he'll want to put me on Stratera because of this. I have this preconceived notion that it won't work. I want to good stuff. I want adderall. I want something I can take five days a week, my workdays, concentrate on my work, then not take it on the weekends. I have this idea that Stratera is mild, and I won't get the same effects as Adderall. Anybody with any opinions on this. I'm stressing about it. I really want my concentration problem to go away.
Wow, some of these post came in as I was posting my last one so, I didn't get to read them. Thanks for all the responses. See, the pretty picture in my head is that I take Adderall or Ritlin or whatever five days a week so I'm focused, and detail oriented. A lot of my work is in my head, I'm a writer, most of the time, I can think about an idea for about five minutes until I'm thinking about something else, without even knowing I've changed. So I picture being really focused. then, on the weekends, I imagine not taking ADD meds. Maybe this is a fantasy. Maybe Stratera will work for me. I was never a hard core lose everything drug abuser. I was a weekend warrior in college, smoked pot for two years straight until it gave me panic attacks, and had a three month stint with Vicodin. But I know that drug abuse isn't cut and dry. But anyways, I think you are all say becareful, abusing drugs is far worse than having ADD and no drugs. One thing you've all brought up is this idea that your ADD has been a real factor in your history with drug abuse. Please, please, fill me in. Was it because your mids are in such disorder when your sober, that being on some drug gave your mind relief?
Yeah, that helps a ton. I did go through the the multiple choice tests, and the family/life interrogation. The doctor that I was seeing at the time, (now I have a new Pdoc) ended up putting me on Welbutrin for concentration, which did nothing. The same doctor gave my girlfriend Stratera, which didn't really help either.

Just to stray from the topic a bit. Through a lot, lot, lot,. of therapy, I've realized how chaotic my mind can be. Along with "possible ADD" there's tons of anxiety, worry, thoughts running through my head at millions of miles an hour. Meanwhile, I am a functional person in society. Rest from this chaos is seldom. It's cool to hear that other people feel the same thing.

Really quick note, Psychotherapy saved my life. If you have a chance, go for it.

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