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I have to agree w/ Sylvia on this. ADHD is way more than just a concentration problem. It's an illness that affects all aspects of a person's life... lack of concentration is only a tiny part of it. Also a lack of concentration could be caused by a ton of things... not just ADHD. Stuff like depression, anxiety, drug/alcohol abuse, etc can all lead to poor concentration. Also, asking for Adderall off the bat is not a good idea. Doctors are well aware that amphetamines have been abused as long as they've been on the market. Anyways, getting a precription for a stim would require a test/evaluation to see if you have ADHD in the first place. I mean you can't just stroll into the office, say you can't concentrate & expect to leave with the "good stuff." How do you know Adderall is the "good stuff" anyway? I take Adderall (40 mg/day) & I don't take it to get high or cuz it makes me feel good. It calms me & allows me to get things done. If a person w/o ADHD were to take Adderall they'd probably get a buzz. Is that what you're looking for? If you haven't tried Strattera, how can you knock it?

Don't mean to come off as harsh. Maybe I interprested your post wrong, but that's just the feeling I got... Hope everything works out.

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