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I had been on Cylert (75mg) for a few years and I loved it. It worked great for me but I had to switch medications since Cylert was pulled off the market. I tried Straterra but had awful side-effects from it. My doctor then prescribed Adderall XR 20mg for me.

I'm going on the third week with it and I have just been so tired. I don't know if that means that my dosage is too high or too low or if I'm just metabolizing it too quickly. As far as my ADD goes, I'm still struggling a little to concentrate. My ADD isn't as bad on the Adderall XR as it would be without medication but it isn't nearly as good as when I was on the Cylert.

Has anyone else been this tired on Adderall XR? If so, did your doctor increase/decrease your dosage or did he/she switch you to a different medication all together? I can't really afford any other ADD medications because my insurance only covers certain medications :(
Today was my first day of taking adderall and its like i was great then around 1:00 i crashed and Im really tired. My sinus/throat is killing me and my body started aching. Did you experience? Let me know if you find out about the sleepiness. thanks
It's just found out that one of my best friends had been prescribed adderall xr before. I had no idea that she had ADD...LOL. Anyway, she switched back to the regular adderall because she had the same problems. She "crashed" from it early in the day. The doctor told her that some people metabolize it more quickly than others.

I'm going to talk to my doctor next week anyway so I will mention switching to the regular adderall twice a day instead of the so-called extended release version.

I didn't really have sinus problems but the adderall (and cylert too) gave me a sore throat occasionally. I had brought this up to my doctor along time ago when I first started cylert and he said that it was because it causes dry mouth and occasionally it can make your throat dry too. He said to drink more water which has helped but not always.

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