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Thanks for the replies....I'm not sure if he takes his medications before meals or after but i will ask his mother...As for Jennita mentioning the sleeping problems he does have that problem, he just doesn't sleep well and really you would never know it...My nephew is very moody at a drop of a hat he cries about anything...Sometimes he goes from happy to sad...Thanks...Is there a difference if he takes the meds before or after meals???[/QUOTE]

The mood swings are what caused my in-laws to insist my nephew be taken off Adderall. Mood swings are something that can flare up anytime even after years on meds without them. Mood swings can sometimes cause a new diagnosis later on of bi-polar, which they never blame on culmative effects of the drug but rather an previously undiagnosed (as if it was there all along even before drugs) bi-polar, or manic-depression. So be aware of the progression of things.

Hope his stomach problems will fade soon.

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