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addprogrammer, I couldn't help noticing that you also live in Penn's Woods. :) I don't think that psychologists around my area even do the specific type of testing that you're talking about. I have an appointment scheduled for next month set up through OVR. I mentioned to my counselor that my psychologist I see (another one) told me about 5 years ago that I have ADD, but she doesn't do the testing for it. I also said that I also was diagnosed by my family doctor as having depression, and I also suspect that I have some type of anxiety disorder and mild OCD. The testing that I'm going to have done doesn't involved a day of testing without my taking medicine and a day of taking it; nothing was even mentioned about medicine. By the way, I've tried Dexadrine, Ritalin, and Adderall and feel that none of them do anything for me, so I'm not taking anything anymore. Today I did the tests on meds. Tommorrow, similar tests (but not the same) with no meds.

I really appreciated your descriptions of those tests, so now I might at least know sort of what to expect, although chances are they won't be exactly the same. I'm sure I'd do just fine on the synonym/antonym one and probably also the shapes one, but I might be crying uncle while doing some of those other ones. I can see why the symbols for words one would get hard after more symbols are added...ugh! That's one that I can picture myself getting really frustrated with. I think I'd really be sunk on that one that # 8 one that you described. Heck, I couldn't even understand what you were trying to say with your description...if that's the case, I'd probably be totally lost during that part of the test and not even understand the directions! I'd probably just sit there feeling panicky for not getting it at all! :( I also think that last one would have me over the edge. Yeah, I think I can understand why you said about leaving crazier than when you went in...that might just be the case with me. 20 minutes of that one?! :eek:

I don't know at all what the test will be like that I'll be taking, but I hope I don't have some of those that you mention; however, if running those particular tests helps greatly to document the ADD, then I guess I'll just suffer through them. If that last one that you mentioned is as bad as what I'm imagining, I hope I won't break the button that I have to push. I really think I would get wound up on that one. I don't even have the hyperactivity of ADD, but I think that one would get to me.

I forget if I mentioned (yeah, I have bad short term memory too!) to you that the psychologist will be testing me for 8 hours, but it's only for one day (I already think that's enough torture for me anyway). Here I am 49 years old and am struggling through life, as I can't seem to tolerate any jobs (I hated all the jobs I've ever had and have been off work more than worked during my marriage. It's hard enough for me to deal with things at home; being on a job is a real nightmare. I'm disorganized, have piles of stuff, lose things, forget things, have to go in and out of a room about 5 times until I remember everything that I was going to do. It's like I make everything 10 times harder than what it really is. When I was away recently by myself (and therefore having to remember and be responsible for all my belongings by myself), I had so many things stress me out during that trip it's just ridiculous. I'm not dumb and was actually near the top of my high school graduating class; I guess that's what makes this all doubly frustrating, knowing that I have the potential but because of the ADD, I feel like a total screw-up. :(

Thanks for describing those tests for us. Maybe that will relieve some of my anxiety. It's not that I'm anxious about them right now, but I know when the days gets here I'm sure I'll be.

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