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i'm planning on going back to school and that is why i went for the diagnosis. I cant concentrate enough to read, my focus is severly diminished and well there are other more home oriented problems.

Is there an add med that does not make you physically tired but helps with concentration. That was what i thouhght ritalin did, but today, i lowered my dose one 10 in the morning one at night and i still feel lethargic and i have to say it hasnt really helped all that much in the field of concentration and i have absolutely no motivation. My brain almost feels foggy like there is a disconnect somewhere, i read a book and the passage doesnt affect me there is no personal inflection on the writted words. The letters penetrate and then seem lost in a fog..... has anyone switched meds due to a similar reaction or are all stimulants and stimulant sims.. i.e. ritalin, alike.

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