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[QUOTE=FairyMagick]Comeonnow how does one get diagnosed? Is there a blood test? Or some other test?[/QUOTE]
FM, I don't know how others have gotten diagnosed, and I don't know if technically I am officially diagnosed or not. The four of us (my husband, son, daughter, and I) were having family problems about 5 years back and went to a local psychologist. She singled me out during that first visit and said that I have ADD. I guess she could just tell by the way I acted. I know I zone out a lot when people are talking, and there were probably other indicators. I was content with just her saying that; at least I finally could put a label on my problems that I've been having for as long as I can remember. I just started contacting OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation) several months ago and have met with a counselor twice now. He has me scheduled for neuropsychological testing next month. I know it takes up the whole 8-hr day, so that should be interesting how I'm going to manage to get through all that. :S After that I should know exactly what are my problems. I also mentioned that I'm sure I have depression; I also think I might have some form of OCD and an anxiety disorder...and who knows what else is festering inside this brain of mine. I've had so many problems over the years and wish that there'd be an far I haven't found it in medications; the ones I've been prescribed haven't helped one bit IMO. It's all very depressing thinking that I might just be this way until the day I die. Like I said, I don't know how the other people who had ADD have been diagnosed, but this is how I'm going about doing it.

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