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[QUOTE=Irish popstar]I'm just tired of the b.s. that these makers of Ritalin, Adderall
think I'm stupid or something I for one think I outgrew my AD/HD
but also feel that some damage to nerves/neurons/brain cells
occured which I want fix but what if the CT scan with Tomography
comes out saying nothing's wrong. That will then really get me concerned
cause it's been more than just depression.

Also I heard scientists/medical doctors are trying
to find a way to fix a damaged dopaminergic systems.
As well as to heal neurons/brain cells that are damaged, as well, or...
regeneration of damged cells/neurons.
Someone I know has minimal brain cell/neuron damage from Adderall/Adderall XR.
He wasn't even on it for 7 years more less when he was weening off Adderall
he only tinkered with it a bit butting a little extra into his mouth.
As I speak this guy is still crashing and burning...he's also
a great poet nobody in their right mind should have to go through
the danger of a drug/medicine not experimented on rats.
Since this damage, or aggrivation this guy feels in his head...
he feels that they did not fully study on rats the long term effects.
Meaning dosing them for more than 3-4 rats lets say 5 MG Adderall,
see what happens. There is actually some people that this one guy knows
who actually know's of people defending the drug I wonder if they're getting paid
too HELLO! ALERT! is illegal for one to market a similiar compound/molecule
to that of cocaine, speed, as a possibilty ecstasy.
These "are not" SAFE! medicines...medicines are not supposed to cause
brain discomfort, adonia probably from low dopamine, a wacked up
dopaminergic systems. Since this guy's head problem I for one
have spent literally hours finding all the research, even debates to
Ritalin, even Adderall, that includes Dexedrine from being marketed anymore
yes stimulants have been prescribed since 1937 but we're WAY WAY!
more knowledgable now then we were back in 1937. It seems like every
5-7 years we advance. See what we need is alternatives
but not stimulant alternatives. Strattera is a start...but I just have a strong feeling
that they have already developed a medicine that has less possibly side effects,
that is not a stimulant. Also advances in getting rid of the gas fueled cars,
or finding other means of finding oil, gas without going into places like
Alaska where we don't belong. There was even an idea about lunar energy
I heard there could be use of solar energy as a possibility.
Though I'am pretty sure lunar energy is just ficticious...
anyways...all of what I've said here is true...


p.s.Always try your hardest, if you feel that you're
having problems controlling your temper for all that
feel they have a temper problem take a deep breath, it 2-3 times if you have to.[/QUOTE]

I've read a little and the dopamine damage thing is called downregulation which is, when receptors are exposed to a drug for a long period, the receptors will de-sensitize or even die off.

They have recently in the last few years discovered in a study that antidepressants can have a simular effect on serotonin receptors, causing the receptors to become damaged and change into corkscrew shapes in rats.

Most people say we aren't rats but rats have been a staple of discovering many effects of things on people that ended up true, including cancer causing substances and much more... so I do take those studies seriously.

I imagine the degree of damages from drugs vary from drug to drug, dose to dose, time period to time period, person to person. I think when it happens it isn't acknowledged much because the continued drug use covers the damage; and of course there is always the "original condition is worsening" or a "previous undiagnosed new condition existed what do you know" excuse when the damage exceeds what the current drug covers. Upping the dosages or adding new drugs, new diagnosis does tend to cover up the damages so yeah the doctor will tell you it's not the drug with a straight face because that's what is taught.

But many studies and scholars, Phd's and some doctors have a different view as there is research out there suggesting damages over time with even theraputic dosages. You can bet the drug co's do not pay for those particular findings thank goodness other people do have money too, just not as much as the drug co's that's why their theories are winning over the majority.

Of course, there are many other explanations too for mental "disorders", some can be external even but they never explore any of them these days as the drug treatments are accepted as the only solution basically.

Yeah, Ritalin has been around for a long time but I can tell you the widespread use of it didn't hit intil the 1990's so any data of "safety" before that is almost non-existant or irrelevant. And now, they basically blame just about anything for the damages besides the drugs when you consider all the excuses and the fact that life itself can cause certain conditions/damages.....heart problems, blood pressure, cancer, insomnia, tics, OCD, manic reaction, digestive problems, withdrawal syndromes, chronic fatigue, depression, etc, etc. can have many sources so they go on that even if they are known side effects of drugs themselves.

So "statistics" and doctor accounts can be tweeked in a way if you know what I mean. And when the person stops the drug, the damage simply makes the original condition seem like it is even worse since the brain is now dependant and more damaged than originally.

So sorry for what you've gone through. Sometimes, though, the brain can recover, at least in part, from chemical damages if one eats well, supplements and exercises over time... so take good care of yourself and stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs.

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