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ok... i dont know wether to go to my doctor for ADD or Depression... i took ALL the online tests and listened to all the comercials and sat there going "yeah thats me".

I cant get projects done and i have alot of them

my home life is way less then happy at the moment (money, wife, distance from friends)

i have to read a book or an article at least 3 times before i comprehend, this has been going on since i was young, im 37 now.

i have thoughts that i cant get out of my head no matter what i do and they arent thoughts that make me happy, they arent suicidle or about killing people, just very bad thoughts that make me extrememly sad

i ALWAYS want to sleep. you can say to me any time of the day, go to sleep and i will.. its that easy. i find that when i sleep i dont have to think and be depressed.

i am a musician and an artist and i have a horrible time remembering lyrics or parts of songs and whatnot.

i tend to zone off when people are talking to me and god forbid they ask me what it is they just said cause i would have no idea.

and now im starting to look at the ground all the time, like hang my head and zone off, people are starting to ask me why im hanging my head and i dont even realize it.

i want to stay up and work on things i dont want to get 12 hours sleep a night. i have no energy to drive any where or do anything yet there is SO much i HAVE to do.

can i be depressed and have ADD? and if so what do i tell my doctor and is there somthing they can do for both or do both symptoms run into eachother?
I agree with Bob about ADD and depression going hand-in-hand lots of times. I have both and wish I had neither. I used to always feel like I could sleep all the time too, but then when I was put on Wellbutrin, it made a lot of difference. I still get depressed on a daily basis, but at least I'm not so lethargic anymore. I wish there were a magic pill to help depression...if there is, I have yet to find it. I have taken various meds for the ADD, none of which have helped me either. If I were you, I'd go to my doc and mention your suspicions of having ADD and depression and see he will prescribe something for you. Chances are, you'll be one of the lucky 80% of people who are helped by meds. Sadly, I'm one of the 20% who aren't.

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