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[QUOTE=hsthompson]I think that's right "I think one thing is very obvious and that is, they didn't really care...." It seems to me that they don't care in the sense that they don't want to take the time/effort to take into concideration the general well being/health issues of every single individuals on these medications. Today there is just so many people on these meds.

You also have to keep in mind that.... Well, I have never heard of an incident where an individual died directly from a stimulant type medication. Yes, I have read cases were an individual has died with adderall in there system even being abused -but it is always that the cause of death is due to some other pre-existing medical condition, a weak heart, weak blood vessels, blood pressure etc... I have never heard of an instance were the cause of death was by overdosing on these medications. It seems like a loop hole.

I don't think these companies deliberly want to hook kids on the drugs, but I have to believe they realize this side of it and knew that it would happen and that would just mean more money/profit.

Also being in our Government it seems to me that it's self defeating -claiming to fight a war on drugs, when you are yourself one of the major pushers of drugs on the people, it's just consideredOK by the public because it is in a controlled manner.[/QUOTE]

Or the illusion of control, eh? I mean, there are accidental addicts to prescription drugs; prescription drugs that are psychoactive can bring on urges for other substances for example many people on SSRi's who find them way too stimulating claim to have urges to drink alot or smoke pot(to calm them down); . Then there are the people who develop tolerance to their prescribed doses, can't get more so they go to the streets to get more, etc. and of course kids find out they can crush/snort their pills to get high, etc.

It is funny what you said about pre-existing conditions linked to death of some on adderall; because if they were "pre-existing", the doctor would have known not to give the adderall and if it was "unknown", in other words did not show up in a physical, then most likely it really didn't exist intil the drug "unmasked" it, weellll, how conveinient is that I ask???

What you said about the message the government sends reminds me of a scene from a Woody Allen movie. When Allen's character learns his son does drugs, he asks where he learned to do it, and the son replies I learned it from watching you take all your anti-anxiety medications. ;)

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