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My daughter age 8 is currently taking Adderall Xr (15 mg)
I noticed a problem with my daughter for years even as a baby
at the age of 3 i tried to get her to see a therapist someone , no one could say what was wrong with her, she through temper tantrums, got into EVERYTHING was distructive. You name is she did it ( it was beyond the "normal" kids things. When she went to preschool i was getting phone calls everyday about her disruptive behavior, i was still trying out all the local "QUACKS" i will call them i couldnt believe no one could tell me what was wrong with my child. Finally when she was 6 and in kindergarten her Peditrician diagnossed her with ADHD. We tried several thind ritilin at first which didnt last long she got EXTREMELY moody and very mean. Now she has been on adderall for 2 years now and it does work great, these drugs are not to change your child but to guide them. My daughter has a hard time keeping friends she doesnt have good social skills at all. She does VERY well academicallyVery well she is in the top 5 of her class. She has lost some weight which has be concerned at times, i had taken her off of the meds for a couple months ( which was a horrible couple months for us and her teachers) i Just believe that some kids need meds and some dont

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